The founding of Highland Park

Highland Park the very early years

In the very early 1800s, a small team of Texas Ranger camped along a creek loaded with turtles, after an Indian battle. This group was the initial whites in the location, now understood as Highland Park. At some point this creek would be renamed Turtle Creek.

Highland Park Tx Landmark

The center of Highland Park

A year later, an item off land was set aside as well as fractional entering into a road flying north of Austin Texas. This path came to be Preston Roadway. The 1st settler, John Neely Bryan, have to have walked this pre Highland Park roadway as he took a trip Preston Trail on his way to the settling Dallas.

Today Highland Park has grown to become one of the most valuable real estate in Texas. Teardown start a just under a million dollars. The schools are amount the finest in the nation. Values have soared over the last few years. It’s known as the Beverly Hills of Dallas.



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